RMC Foundation releases LEED v4 Material Ingredient Reporting Guidance

In collaboration with the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association and San Francisco-based architectural/engineering giant Arup North America Ltd., the Ready Mixed Concrete Research & Education Foundation has funded development of NRMCA Ingredient Reporting Guidance, detailing how concrete producers can contribute toward the LEED v4 Materials and Resources: Building Product Disclosure and Optimization – Material Ingredients credit. To position customers for up to two LEED v4 M&R credit points, producers must obtain comprehensive information on the material ingredients and chemical constituents of all components used in their mixtures.

Copies of NRMCA Material Ingredient Reporting Guidance — Methodology and Guide to LEED v4 Material Ingredient Reporting can be downloaded free of charge at www.rmc-foundation.org. Printed copies are also available.

“Increased transparency and the disclosure of construction material ingredients is becoming the norm rather than the exception, and it is an important step toward sustainability. The RMC Foundation is pleased to support the concrete industry by providing this new resource detailing the different paths for producers to obtain and report the necessary information in the most effective and efficient way,” says Chairman Matt Wood of Ash Grove Cement Co.

“This new resource is one of the ways we are honoring a strong commitment to helping both the concrete industry and construction industry as a whole to implement more green building practices,” adds RMC Foundation Executive Director Julie Garbini.

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Guidance charts pathways within the three LEED v4 Material Ingredient credit options.