Tremron eyes central Florida’s Atlantic Coast in new hardscape product plant

Sources: Tremron Inc., Jacksonville, Fla.; CP staff

Tremron has commenced paver and other hardscape unit output at a Pompano Beach, Fla., plant, which joins the company’s four other Sunshine State production sites, plus an Atlanta satellite operation. The additional capacity positions Tremron to focus on products specific to markets from Pompano Beach north to Daytona Beach.

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Researchers tap polymer, ash to advance recycled glass aggregate feasibility

Sources: University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus, Kelowna, B.C.; CP staff

University of British Columbia researchers have identified a combination of water-based rubber polymer, fly ash and glass powder to calm alkali-silica reactions traditionally limiting the potential of glass-derived aggregate in concrete.

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Marine species represent blueprints for stronger, more durable concrete

Sources: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge; CP staff

In a project funded by outside parties and independent of the Concrete Sustainability Hub, MIT researchers are seeking to redesign concrete by following nature’s blueprints, contrasting cement paste with the structure and properties of bones, shells, and deep sea sponges. As they observe in a current Construction and Building Materials paper, such biological materials are exceptionally strong and durable, thanks in part to their precise assembly of structures at multiple length scales, from the molecular to the macro, or visible, level.

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