Quality control specialist applies 3D imaging to concrete masonry

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With its close proximity to unit molding, the Height Volume Density Control System spontaneously logs and charts quality control data. A sample screen shows readings from a three-at-a-time pallet, the color codes representing a range of variations from units’ target height. The top table charts four-point readings from the three units, while the larger charts present continuous unit height and density averages for an operator-designated shift or production interval.
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A developer of real time inspection tools for a range of production processes timed commercial launch of the HVD (Height Volume Density) Control System for concrete brick, block and pavers with the National Concrete Masonry Association’s 2016 ICON-Xchange in Orlando. The announcement follows Neoculus Technologies’ piloting of the equipment with Oldcastle Architectural’s Quebec-based Permacon business.

The HVD is installed above the conveyor between the block or paver line brushing and pallet/board transfer stations. It combines a laser-based 3D scanner and load cells to measure green concrete masonry or paver units’ essential properties. The scanner’s sensor has height resolution up to 3.75 mils. A control screen provides a live, topographic view of each pallet/board with color gradients indicating individual units’ height deviations from targets. Brick, block or pavers with readings outside tolerance or greater surface defects can be spotted immediately for cull bins.

In addition to the topographic view, the HVD screen charts the height of corners or other user-designated measurement points across the top surface of each unit on a passing pallet or board. That data then joins a table plotting unit heights for a certain production interval or entire shift. The screen also shows a second table of density measurements, in tandem with the height data. All measurements and charted values are logged for quality control; plant productivity monitoring; and, pinpointing of product machinery, mold or pallet/board trouble spots. HVD 100 and 200 Control Systems suit production lines with pallet/board sizes up to 26 x 18.5 in. and 55 x 41 in., respectively. — Neoculus Technologies, 418/694-9385; www.neoculus.com