Elematic tickets to bauma: Hollow core automation, wall panel technology

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Manufacturing execution software Elematic has on tap for this year’s bauma musters real-time production and machinery data so operators can optimize prestressed hollow core production and transfer sequences.
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Three new equipment and technology packages support moderate to high output Acotec interior wall panels production lines. Panels are fabricated in 60- (2.35 in.) to 120-mm (4.75 in.) thicknesses.

Ahead of bauma 2016, April 11-17 in Munich, Finland’s Elematic Oyj has announced advanced technology supporting hollow core and Acotec wall panel production equipment sold through North American subsidiary, Elematic Inc., and sister operations across the globe.

New “manufacturing execution system” software is programmed to optimize precast hollow core production lines and work schedules, and monitor plank output. As Elematic Automation & Software Product Director Jarkko Salmensivu notes, “A casting process without interruptions is key to our customers. The new system’s accurate, up-to-date production and machinery data enables producers to react to possible deviations in time, before any bottlenecks occur.” Safe and automated routines at the plant, he adds, allow customers to focus on their own processes and business improvements.

The hollow core production line software joins Elematic’s signature EliPLAN. An enterprise resource planning system, it drives the entire precast production phase, and works seamlessly with compatible Building Information Modeling software—supporting the entire workflow, from building design to on-site erection.

Elematic will also promote three new technology levels for Acotec non-loading bearing partition wall panel production lines. The SEMI, PRO and EDGE levels differ by the degree of automation and capacity as well as the required investment size. All lines are quick and simple to install, run and maintain, and require limited building footprint.

The new technology levels are launched in order to meet the varying customer needs. The SEMI line, with a production capacity of 80 m2 (860 sq. ft.) per hour, is the simplest of them all and suits start up operators. It features a smart combined restacker handler and automation only for key processes, and requires a five-to seven-person crew. The PRO line offers a higher capacity of 100 m2 (1,075 sq. ft.) per hour with automated functions for all main processes—sawing, trimming, stacking, restacking, cleaning & oiling, plate handling and pallet circulation—and requires a three to four-person crew. The fully automatic Acotec EDGE offers a top-rate capacity of 120 m2 (1,290 sq. ft.) per hour and runs with two operators.

All three feature a new control system with modern user interface showing detailed data on every process function. The lines’ modular characteristics and ETHERCAT bus system-intergrated power assure short installation and start up time. The production process is environmentally friendly as it is silent and non-vibrating, Elematic notes, and the raw material can be recycled so no waste is created. Low energy consumption of the SEMI, PRO and EDGE lines keeps production costs in check. — Elematic Inc., Brookfield, Wis., 262/798-9777; www.elematic.com