Sakrete kicks off milestone year at World of Concrete

26 Sak 400Known internationally as the original ready-mix bagged concrete product for 80 years, Sakrete of North America is recognizing its position as professionals’ choice and the decision do-it-yourself concrete practitioners can depend on, by updating its identity.

Celebrating an 80th anniversary in 2016, Sakrete recognizes its role as a category creator, while continuing to grow and evolve as an industry innovator. The company is bringing its renewed commitment to customers to life through a new brand positioning, logo, packaging, website and marketing collateral such as point-of-purchase displays and signage.

“As people’s attachment to their home becomes more refined, more consumers seek out Sakrete to secure a post or patch a walk, and as outdoor living spaces grow in popularity, so too does the need for innovative concrete products with diverse capabilities,” says Eric Peterson, senior vice president of Oldcastle Architectural and its Sakrete brand. “Concrete mix is no longer just an anchor you can put in a hole; it can be a lot more. It can be used to create inspirational additions to [a] home, inside and out. Our refreshed brand positioning and updated look shows our evolution, yet retains the heritage that keeps us connected to those who have trusted Sakrete for decades.”

Sakrete is one of the most recognized and established brands in concrete. Its iconic yellow and black diamond logo—updated to feature slimmer yellow typeface and a now-horizontal yellow diamond centered over a black outline—is beginning to appear at commercial and residential worksites around the country. The visual brand refresh is the first significant change the logo has undergone in the company’s 80 years.

Accelerating a storied past into a promising future, Oldcastle Architectural officials note, the evolution represents the brand’s continued pursuit of innovating products and services customers have embraced for nearly a century. The visual change also reflects Sakrete’s differentiation and the introduction of a new generation of skilled craftsmen and DIYers, taking the trowel handed down to them and developing new projects of their own.

“People are looking for new projects and finding cool uses for ready-mix concrete, in addition to the traditional core uses,” notes Peterson. “It’s an inexpensive, dependable and easy-to-use product, and technology and innovation driven by concrete artisans in response to homeowners’ search for something different are leading us to new places and developing new ideas that are continually evolving.”