General Shale imparts color, texture variety in new stone and brick products

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Shown in one of two colors, Matterhorn Building Stone (top) is the latest Arriscraft series addition. New to General Shale’s clay product offerings are Canyon brick, exhibiting cavern-like indentations and shown in Grand Canyon color (middle); and, Impressionist, emulating historic architecture and available in Wexford (bottom) and Yorkshire colors, plus longer unit or shallow face heights.

Johnson City, Tenn.-based General Shale enters 2016 with new concrete and clay masonry selections and colors—providing builders, architects and design professionals a wide range of hue, texture and size combinations for meeting current residential and commercial building trends.

One of three new brick collections, the Impressionist Series harnesses the aesthetics of historic architecture to achieve a distinct, contemporary look. Featuring longer units and shallow face heights, Impressionist is available in Wexford and Yorkshire colors, and full or half units; the former can be cut to any size for a multitude of design options.

While General Shale’s brick selections include numerous texture options, the producer notes that none capture the Canyon Series’ industry-unique character. Available in Grand Canyon, Ruby Canyon and Saltcreek Canyon colors, the series contains sweeping, cavern-like indentations that echo the natural look of a canyon landscape. Each color is available in Lightweight Queen, Lightweight Engineered, and Lightweight Engineered Modular sizes. Molded at the company’s Denver plant, the new Tudor brick series is defined by rugged textures and naturalistic colors. Offered in a Lightweight Queen size, Denver Tudor is available in Britannia, Catalina, Galveston, and Mosswood colors.

Matterhorn Building Stone is the latest addition to General Shale’s premium Arriscraft building stone. It is cast almost entirely from reclaimed material, netting a darker-than-normal base material, and features additional color throughout the unit. Available in two stone sizes and Blueridge and Saddle colors, Matterhorn is a combination of guillotined and tumbled textures suiting traditional or modern home designs. With a simple-to-install, two-unit bond pattern, the large-scale building stone combines straight lines with tumbled edges.

General Shale’s array of new brick and stone colors provides a broad range of hues. Coastal, Ocean City and Woodhaven Tudor brick colors feature lighter tones currently in high demand with consumers. Woodhaven Tudor also offers a rustic, vintage aesthetic, providing a time-worn look in a new product, along with Cumberland Tudor, an earth-toned brick. Additional earth-toned offerings include the variegated Sandy Hill brick, plus Shadow Grey Tudor and Surfside—textured brick presenting a uniform look. New red-toned unit colors include Brick Town, River Shoals, and Southern Brick.

Two new colors have been added to General Shale’s Arriscraft Citadel building stone offerings. Citadel Infinity and Citadel Infinity Onyx are rich, dynamic colors that bring sophistication and dramatic effect to architectural projects. Known as an “old world” stone, the random presentation of Citadel provides an aesthetic reminiscent of churches, inns, and manor homes found in the English countryside.

In addition to its new brick and stone products, General Shale is reintroducing its do-it-yourself Entertainer Round Outdoor Fire Pit. Featuring an all-new design, the Entertainer is comparable in size to the Gathering Fire Pit and suits limited outdoor spaces.