Boral tailors deeper Cultured Stone, TruExterior, and clay product portfolio to new styles, season

Against the backdrop of the 2016 International Builders’ Show, which saw 1,300 exhibitors span 500,000 square feet of Las Vegas Convention Center space, Boral USA announced new concrete and clay cladding, trim and roofing options.

Joining the catalog of TruExterior—components fabricated from fly ash mixes with polymer binder—is a new Bevel Siding profile, as well as a Beadboard line extension including a new 4-in. profile, plus double 4- and double 6-in. profiles. TruExterior represents a new category of building materials that addresses both the moisture- and movement-related issues commonly seen with other exterior products.

Cultured Stone, which has been under full Boral ownership for a year, showed two new profiles in Las Vegas, Pro-Fit Modera Ledgestone and Hewn Stone. Their clean, bold and modular aesthetic aims to inspire new ideas for designers looking to push the boundaries of architecture and design. Boral’s mortarless stone veneer, Versetta Stone, was shown in two new colors, Mission Point and Graphite. The product was also featured in a hands-on installation area located in the booth, highlighting the product’s unique, panelized design that allows it to be installed with nails or screws.

Boral Bricks introduced a namesake Thin Brick Natural Clay Veneer and Historic District Collection. Available in 10 colors and several popular textures, Boral Thin Brick suits projects that require a lighter touch, while still achieving the signature look of full-dimensional clay brick. The Historic Collection provides what product designers note is “used brick” charm, while maintaining the durability and integrity of a new structure.

Boral Roofing, the nation’s largest manufacturer of clay and concrete roof tile, featured unique blends from the California Gemstone Collection. Designed with subtle shifts of rich color that converge into elegant configurations, they incorporate hues originating from, and inspired by, the Southwest. Also presented in Las Vegas was the Boral Cool Roof System, with which attendees could observe a dynamic array of individual elements working together to protect and prolong service life.

Boral officials present the premium components as designed to enhance the integrity, durability and aesthetic appearance of a roof. Demonstrating an ongoing commitment to design and innovation, they also introduced Drain-N-Dry Lath with Delta-Dry Technology. As a three-in-one combination of a reinforcing lath, secondary water resistive barrier, and rainscreen, Drain-N-Dry was developed to solve common issues related to moisture management and resist corrosion, while still being easy to install. It differs from other moisture management systems by using fewer fasteners, product engineers note, by reducing penetrations through the primary water resistive barrier, and enabling builders to address drainage, drying and moisture vapor control underneath stone and stucco. —