Traffic-grade, ground protection mats

95 Enduramat 400EnduraMat and EnduraGrid solutions provide continued access to building sites for trucks and off-road vehicles, particularly during adverse weather conditions, while protecting the ground underneath from significant damage. EnduraMat is a multifunctional and reversible mat for use as a temporary roadway or parking area to allow access for vehicles up to 80 tons. It features connectors, with vehicle and pedestrian anti-slip surfaces and an inline pattern that makes it easy to clean. Integral hand holes make it easy to maneuver into position. Available in Pantone matched colors, EnduraMat can be personalized for individual customers.

EnduraGrid is an interlocking porous paving system for construction site parking areas or access routes, accommodating up to 45-ton vehicles. Its grid structure allows grass to grow between cells or can alternatively be filled with gravel, improving water dispersion. It can also be used to protect again soil erosion, reinforce embankments and improve storm water management as part of a sustainable drainage scheme. A heavy-duty version of EnduraGrid is also available; with thicker sidewalls, it can withstand continuous turning vehicle loads