Portal affords Vulcan Materials customers account control from office to field

Sources: Vulcan Materials Co., Birmingham, Ala.; CP staff

Launched just into the new year, MyVulcan.com is a service center for Vulcan Materials customers to dynamically search, view, print and download tickets and orders in full detail; access ordered and shipped quantities for timely information; and, conveniently search invoices, pay online and receive email notifications. CEO Tom Hill attributes the portal to the efforts of “a team of sales, IT and marketing leaders from across the organization to enhance the Vulcan experience, helping customers save time and money.”



“We’re responding to the evolving needs of our customers by putting the power of Vulcan into [their] hands,” adds Vice President and General Manager Dean Sunas, describing MyVulcan as “a platform that provides new, direct access to account information to our customers and underscores our commitment to innovation and growth.”

There are four main tabs for MyVulcan.com users to browse and navigate:

MyDashboard. Review a snapshot of account details, current balance, recent activity and new orders.

MyTickets. View current tickets and search by ticket or invoice number; dynamic search by date, shipping location or destination and job description; and, view, download and print ticket reports and details.

MyOrders. View current orders and search for open and closed orders by number; dynamically search by date, product name and location; and, view, download and print order reports and details.

MyBills. Secure invoice payments; search, view, download and print invoice reports and details; view payment history; and, activate email invoice feature.