Terex machines a true 10-yard mixer

57 Terex 400

The updated FDB7000 Front Discharge Mixer has led 2015 mixer truck offerings. A new engine hood features a contoured design that includes rounded corners and side contours to add strength and rigidity to the cowling. The truck is built from the chassis up at the Terex Ft. Wayne, Ind., manufacturing facility.

With its 33.8-ft. front axle to tag axle span and 11-yd. drum, the Terex FDB7000 Front Discharge Mixer offers a full 10-yd. capacity, while meeting the strict Federal Bridge Formula standard. It gives producers in Bridge Formula-bound states the ability to cross highway and interstate bridges with the FDB7000 carrying its maximum payload.

Upgraded design allows the truck to take full advantage of the front axle’s inside cut, increasing on-site maneuverability. Two front axle options offer a choice of either a 35° or 40° inside wheel cut to reduce curb-to-curb turning radius by up to 25 percent over previous models. The truck can also be equipped with an upgraded auto-lube system; boosting the number of grease points by six, it lubricates 71 points on the truck every 30 minutes. Consistent lubrication purges any water or debris, improving component longevity and increasing maintenance efficiency.

The FDB7000’s new radio remote pendant increases drum clean-up efficiency and simplifies below grade deliveries. The wireless system eliminates the cord previously tying the operator to the truck for easier and more flexible operation. The pendant box includes push-button operation of drum charge and discharge; engine throttle high and low; emergency drum stop; and, an expansion slot to tailor the system to specific operator needs.

A cold-weather package for producers operating in northern climates where winter temperatures drop below freezing includes a heated water valve assembly, heated mirrors, 120v engine block heater and 120v coolant system heater. Exclusive to Terex, all the valves in the package are enclosed in a manifold heated by free system heat returning from the cab heater. This elevates the water system’s reliability by eliminating the need to fill the tank with heated water and leave the valves open to a trickle in order to prevent freezing inside the valve.

The Terex FDB7000 mixer sports recent updates from previous designs that increase operator productivity. Inside the cab, tall operators benefit from an additional 8.5 inches of floor space. A redesigned dashboard featuring logical gauge positioning, bright LED dome lights, and rear vents and louvers also helps to increase operator productivity and comfort.

The standard 11-yd. drum’s design affords reliable and consistent discharge rates for both low- and high-slump concrete. Its shell is constructed with AR400 steel and 0.25-in. thick AR230 steel fins and flights to improve wear resistance. Bolt-on trunnion rollers provide simple adjustment and servicing. The truck’s air system has 100-plus fewer parts than prior models, reducing the number of connections and potential for air leakage. A certified pressure vessel, 120-psi (8.3-bar) wash-down system delivers faster and better clean-out of the large drum versus low-pressure systems. Pre-primed and powder coated components add to the truck’s corrosion resistance.

Multiple diesel and compressed natural gas engine options are available for the FDB7000 with power ratings from 350-450 hp (216-336 kW) ratings. — www.terex.com/construction