Cemex Ready Mixed Plants Best Energy Star Program Targets

Replacement and use of more energy-efficient parts and equipment such as dust collectors, conveyor belt pulleys and lighting have enabled Cemex USA ready mixed plants in La Porte, Mission and Rosenburg, Texas, to cut their energy intensity by an average of 21 percent and meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star Challenge for Industry. The reduced power consumption is more than double the Challenge benchmark, which calls for candidates to clip energy use by 10 percent over five years.

In addition to the ready mixed operations, Cemex reports 2015 Energy Star certification for cement plants in Miami; Victorville, Calif.; Clinchfield, Ga.; and, Fairborn, Ohio. Certification indicates the facilities perform among the top 25 percent of peer U.S. operations on energy conservation measures. Each plant is extending an Energy Star certification streak in 2015, which for Clinchfield marks a ninth consecutive year; Miami a fifth; and, Victorville and Fairborn a fourth.

“Cemex is committed to sustainable practices throughout our operations, including energy efficiency, [and] honored to again be recognized by the EPA and Energy Star,” says President Karl H. Watson, Jr.

Cemex USA is a corporate partner in the Energy Star program. Cement joins Auto Assembly, Container or Flat Glass, and Petroleum Refining among 12 industries or sectors with defined plant certification.