A little dirt on the Clean Power Plan

Environmental Protection Agency aggression fostered an unlikely contingent seeking federal court relief: The American Iron & Steel Institute and American Wood Council joined Portland Cement Association, Brick Industry Association, National Lime Association and 13 other business or industry groups late last month in a National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) legal effort to stop implementation of the Clean Power Plan. Through it, the EPA seeks sharp reductions in carbon dioxide emissions—32 percent by 2030 against 2005 level baseline—from utilities and energy-intensive operations.

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PCA: Energy market factors, SCM usage temper projected cement shipment gains

Sources: Portland Cement Association, Skokie, Ill.; CP staff

PCA’s revised cement consumption forecast walks back an earlier, more enthusiastic 2015–2017 demand picture. Prior forecasts that held U.S. cement shipments gaining 7-8 percent annually, beginning this year, have been adjusted to 3.5 percent, 2015; 5 percent, 2016; and, 5.7 percent, 2017.

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Command Alkon embraces Software as a Service model, alongside licensing

Sources: CP staff; Command Alkon, Birmingham, Ala.

Command Alkon took the opportunity at its 2015 Customer Training and Technology Conference to affirm commitment to legacy construction materials production, enterprise and dispatching platforms, as well as announce a significant resource shift to next generation information technology products—many offered under the pay-as-you-go, Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription model.

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