Maschmeyer Concrete, Quality Precast chiefs lead Concrete Masonry Council appointments

Sources: Office of Florida Governor Rick Scott; CP staff

Governor Rick Scott has announced five appointments—one new member, four incumbents, all for terms running through June 2018—to the Florida Concrete Masonry Education Council (FCMEC), an organization authorized by Sunshine State lawmakers and funded by a voluntary check-off program among major and independent block producers.

New to the Orlando-based Council is Florida Independent Concrete and Associated Products Inc. Executive Director Michele Stropoli, succeeding Florida Concrete & Products Association Marketing Director Matthew Sitter. She joins the FCMEC’s reappointed Kenneth “Justin” Lord, president and chief executive officer of Central Broward Construction, Ft. Lauderdale; Troy Maschmeyer, president and chief executive officer of Maschmeyer Concrete Company of Florida, Lake Park; Antonio Obregon, president and chief executive officer of Formrite Construction LLC, Boca Raton; and, Charles “Preston” Sparkman, vice president of Sales, Quality Precast Co., Plant City.

Governor Scott signed the FCMEC-chartering Concrete Masonry Education Act in 2014, positioning masonry producers and their contractor customers to step up mason training efforts; improve access to masonry education; develop outreach programs to ensure workforce diversity; and, inform the public about the sustainability and economic benefits of concrete masonry products.

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