Slab scanner

46 Hiltia 40046 Hiltib 400Multidetector PS 50 brings new depth to area scanning. The self-calibrating tool uses pulsed radar technology to detect a variety of concealed objects in concrete at depths up to 5-7/8 inches: ferrous and non-ferrous, wood or plastic and electrical conduits. Two additional sensors allow for object classification and live-wire detection. The tool also features an appropriate scanning mode menu for different base materials—concrete, floor heating, drywall, hollow brick. It also helps users drill right the first time by quickly and easily locating objects. Applications such as drilling anchor holes or through penetrations for pipe and cable installation, locating underfloor heating pipes or other pipe and cable runs, and setting anchors in hollow or thermally activated slabs, can be performed with minimized risk. — Hilti, Inc., 800/879-8000;