Paper interests write check-off program absent small producers

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Paper and Packaging Board infographic conveys strong environmental message.

Concrete masonry and ready mixed concrete interests who support a national check-off strategy to fund promotion and research, but recognize small and large stakeholders’ differing views on such programs, have another broad campaign to track: “Paper & Packaging—How Life Unfolds.”

The $20 million effort is funded by the Paper and Packaging Board (P+PB) in McLean, Va., which collects 35 cents per ton shipped from paper and paper-based packaging sector companies whose annual volume exceeds 100,000 tons. P+PB is the latest check-off program aligned with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The agency oversees another recently chartered check-off for the Softwood Lumber Board; under the reThink Wood campaign, it has aggressively pursued the low- to mid-rise building market through promotion activities and much-relaxed code provisions.

“How Life Unfolds” integrates 30-second commercials; print ads showcasing paper and packaging items; and, a digital presence through site banners and videos, plus the information hub. “The campaign highlights relatable moments that connect consumers to paper and packaging products in meaningful, emotionally relevant ways,” says P+PB Executive Director Mary Anne Hansan.

Authorizing P+PB’s creation, the Paper Check-Off was established in early 2014 through a referendum of U.S. manufacturers and importers in printing and writing, Kraft packaging paper, containerboard, and paperboard sectors. “Paper and packaging is a $132 billion dollar industry,” says Board Chairman John Williams. “It’s important people know we have hi-tech jobs, sustainable practices and lead in manufacturing innovation, but the best way to talk directly to consumers about the unique attributes of products we make is to connect with them about the role these products play in their lives.”