Metals of SRB Magnet, Spartan Sideform add to Nox-Crete chemistry

44 Titani 400Best known in the construction industry for providing chemical solutions to concrete conditions, Nox-Crete Products Group has been named exclusive North American distributor of advanced precast forming equipment from Australia’s SRB Systems, including the Titan Precast Magnet.

The Titan Precast Magnet features a handle with a cam system and triple-stage engagement function. The semi-engaged position enables the rare earth magnet to be tapped or easily moved on a steel form bed—a function ideal for fine adjustment without the use of destructive hammer or mallet force. Full engagement occurs when the handle is completely lowered. The disengaged position relies on the cam system in the handle to rotate the magnet away from the steel bed, preventing attachment and minimizing safety risks to fingers and limbs.

44 Titanii 400

Directly engaged by hand versus bar or lever tool, the Titan is shown bearing a suitably sized magnet adapter plate for a Spartan Sideform with capping and rubber base insert to yield chamfer edges. The underside view shows the seal of the rubber skirt between the magnet housing and base pack that travels through it, thus preventing foreign matter from being caught within, or entering, the housing.
45 Spartan 400

A pour-ready form assembly shows the color-coded Spartan (blue, 7 inches) with opposite views of the capping and inserts, plus internal corner kits for a window.

The Titan has a magnetic pull down force of 3,969 lbs. and shear force load resistance of 895 to 1,054 lb.; at 8.4 lb., it measures 5.1-in. deep, 5.9-in. wide and 3-in. high. SRB Systems reports that it is the only magnet manufactured with a fully-sealed, glass-reinforced plastic/rubber housing to drastically reduce movement from poker vibrators and vibrating screeds or beds. The housing resists build up as concrete does not adhere to fiber reinforced plastic, which is likewise unaffected by mix alkalinity. In lieu of more commonly used stainless steel or nylon, a rubber skirt creates a barrier between the Titan magnet and any dirt, metallic particles or other foreign magnetic material. It also increases base friction forces holding the magnet in place before, during and after the concrete pour.

While a full range of adapters and mounting brackets enables producers to use the magnet with existing sideforms, the Titan especially suits the Spartan Sideform System, fabricated from ultra lightweight, high-grade 6082 and 6005A aluminum alloys. As a composite with thick-wall cross section, they impart durability and strength to resist bending, buckling and damage. Product engineers cite these additional benefits and characteristics: epoxy powder coating for ease of cleaning; color-coding by height; center line marking to assist with fittings alignment or positioning; magnetic securing rail on rear of form preventing the wedging of concrete mixes; and, rubber base seal to prevent concrete bleed without the need for silicone. Sideform is sold in 19-ft. lengths and 4- to 12-in. heights.

SRB officials characterize Spartan as the only system affording precasters the flexibility of incremental height changes and square edge or chamfer profile via capping changeover. Internal corner kits in 4- to 12-in. heights speed and ease set up of panel penetrations, including doorways and windows—curtailing the need for polystyrene or wood block outs.

The Spartan and Titan series are available with components and accessories to speed fabrication and optimize baseline set up: magnet adapter plates for various sideform heights; end caps and snap-on sideform capping; full-length sideform chamfer and internal and external corner chamfer packs; and, joiner plates for one-time or semi-permanent sideform extension. — Nox-Crete Products Group, Omaha, Neb., 402/341-2080;; [email protected]