Diamond blades

47 Bladea 20047 Bladeb 200The 14-in. STS-6 Multi-Application Diamond Blade features manufacturer’s third generation patterned diamond technology, which evenly aligns diamonds into rows within the blade’s segment. Precise 
alignment ensures the maximum amount of diamonds contacting the cutting surface at any given moment, product engineers note, netting a blade with consistent segment wear rate and approximately 30 percent more footage versus comparable blades.

Also new to the Lackmond offering are the PRM-RH Series blades for use on hand-held or walk behind saws cutting finished concrete, river rock, brick and other hard materials. Capable of running in wet or dry conditions, the blade is engineered with a reinforced hub to ensure straight and accurate cuts on hard materials. — Lackmond Products, Inc., Marietta, Ga., 800/850-2044; www.lackmond.com