Fiberlite partnership ‘entrenches’ Trenwa in performance composite

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Fiberlite’s Jim Goodman (left) and Trenwa President George Schurr. Fiberlite brings the partnership high volume production capacity for 4-in. and 4-5/8-in. thick composite covers suited to HS-20 and HS-25 loads, respectively. Trenwa offers an established market footprint, shipping precast concrete trench across North America.

Fiber reinforced plastic specialist Fibrelite and Fort Thomas, Ky.-based Trenwa, Inc. have unveiled composite covers designed specifically for the utility precast producer’s concrete road crossing trench, available in HS-20 and HS-25 load ratings.

The proprietary FRP exhibits enhanced temperature and chemical properties. Bi-axial and tri-axial glass laminates minimize covers’ weight and optimize their performance under dynamic loading. Indeed, Fiberlite engineers characterize the covers as extremely durable, lightweight, non-conductive and chemically resistant; capable of performing in traffic and harsh field conditions for many years; and, when combined with Trenwa’s concrete road bases, yielding an ergonomic, yet affordable system for drive-over areas. Covers are available for all of the producer’s road crossing trench products, from 10- to 48-in. wide.

“We believe Trenwa is the perfect partner for [our] composite trench covers,” says Fiberlite Director of Sales for North America Jim Goodman. “This partnership brings together the leading U.S. manufacturer of precast concrete trenches with the world’s leading manufacturer of composite access and trench covers.”

Trenwa President George Schurr credits Fiberlite with composite covers “far better than comparable products we have seen. We believe customers that require road crossing trench will be impressed with the durability and performance of the Fibrelite HS-20 load rated covers.” —