Seven structures charter Green Garage Certification roster

22 BGGroup 223

The Green Parking Council (GPC), the non-profit organization promoting sustainability in the global parking industry, has announced the inaugural projects to earn Green Garage Certification. The International Parking Institute- affiliated GPC unveiled the program last year for new and existing developments.

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Artist interprets common forms for Contemporary Chicago exhibit

20 CSia 150

Three ubiquitous concrete elements, one ready mixed and two precast, anchor a Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago plaza exhibit running through July 2016. Dubbed MCA Chicago Plaza Project Alexandre da Cunha, 2015, it features the Brazilian artist’s Mix (Americana), a painted mixer drum on loan from a New York gallery, plus Figurehead and Biscuit, two new “works” from Evanston, Ill.-based Concrete Specialties Co.

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Trimble paving machine control speeds trains, cuts wasted mix volumes

18 Trimblei 150

Trimble Civil Engineering & Construction Division’s PCS900 Paving Control System Version 2.2 enables Gomaco Corp. and Guntert & Zimmerman-equipped contractors to precisely steer concrete placer/spreader machines and set slab elevation according to a 3D model. The resulting alignment eliminates labor requirements attending machine guidance through manual or slab edge string line methods, and accelerates concrete mix spread rate.

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