Temperature controls equip Castec glue gun for precast form duty

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Power Adhesives’ new tec 3400, an eco-friendly, 1.75-in. glue gun, features digital controls to offer users enhanced functional and temperature settings over prior models. With patented Ecotec technology, development of new plug-in modules allows the gun to be set to different temperatures from 260° to 420° F, whereby they can maximize adhesives’ bonding strength and minimize substrate damage.

Compared to prior models, the tec 3400 also features what product engineers note is a much more intelligent, automatic stand-by system, which takes the gun temperature down in stages if the trigger is not being pulled. This protects the tool and adhesive, while augmenting safety in a precast production environment. If it is not used for more than two hours, the tec 3400 switches to shut-down mode to save energy and prevent accidents from tools left unattended while hot. If the gun has gone into standby, it can be reset by pulling the trigger, the tool quickly recovering to set operating temperature.

The tec 3400 also features a trigger-boost system that increases the power when the trigger is pulled continuously, upping the gun’s output. Capacity and versatility equip the gun for use in many structural and architectural concrete applications. When combined with the Casttec hot melt adhesives, precast concrete producers can obtain new levels of performance and productivity by utilizing the tec 3400. — Power Adhesives, 704/ 334 2425; [email protected];