Material handling equipment switch

53 Prox 400A worldwide manufacturer of material handling and electronic components for bucket elevators and conveyors has developed two new models within its P800 line of proximity sensors. The P800 Proxswitch is available in two versions (P8003V10C & P8004V10C) with solid state relays specifically designed for speed monitoring applications requiring a pulse output up to 120 VAC/VDC for PLC integrations. Both sensors can also be used to detect shaft, gate or slide position as well as object presence.

For speed monitoring applications, the P800 can be used with company’s Whirligig guarded target and sensor mount. The Whirligig is available with 1, 2, 4 or 8 pulse targets and attaches to the rotating shaft by either a ½-in. tapped hole, or magnetically using the Mag-Con adapter. The P800 is fully encapsulated in a polycarbonate body that is corrosion and abrasion resistant, dust-tight and waterproof.

Additionally, the company’s SpeedMaster can be used with both new P800 models to test their functionality after the initial installation, and during routine maintenance procedures. It accurately tests the calibration of a speed switch, and allows testing of the alarm and shutdown features of the sensor while installed on the machine shaft. — 4B Components Ltd, Morton, Ill.;