THiN-Wall attains two-hour fire rating

29 THiN 300A patented composite insulated concrete wall panel system produced at 23 licensed U.S. and Canadian plants has obtained a two-hour fire resistance rating according to ASTM E119 – 11A, Standard Test Methods for Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials.

Under University of Miami Structures and Materials Laboratory staff, staff of Medley, Fla.-based Fenestration Testing Laboratory Inc. subjected 10-ft.-square THiN-Wall specimens, with 3-in. concrete layers sandwiching 4-in. of XPS insulation, to sustained flexural. During the fire exposure, no visual changes to the specimens were observed.

The THiN-Wall system uses the non-conductive, glass fiber reinforced NU-Tie to produce an extremely strong and energy efficient insulated concrete wall panel. Additional information on the E119 – 11A test result or THiN-Wall licensing can be obtained from Composite Insulated Concrete Systems’ Doug Gremel, 800/869-0359;

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