School for Advanced Segmental Paving

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Top hardscape contractors attended the PaveTech-backed School for Advanced Segmental Paving’s (SASP) Mechanical Construction for Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement course. Curriculum for the two-day program covered Mechanical Laying & Screeding Training, Best Practices for Site Layout (including training on proportional lasers), and Screeding & Compaction. Major sponsors and contributors included Belgard, Case Construction Equipment, John Deere, and Probst. SASP staff and manufacturer’s reps demonstrated specialized models including Keero Screeding & Leveling Equipment; Level King Loader Laser Screed, Sandmax Large Mechanical Pull Screeds; Pavermax Mechanical Laying Machine; Paver Utility Vehicle; and, Ultrascreen Tracked Screeder. Founded in 2005, SASP’s Franksville, Wis., facility is the world’s first and only full time vocational center for hands-on, best practices training and education surrounding hardscapes. —