Lignin supplier implements allocation plan for admixture customers

Sources: LignoTech USA, Rothschild, Wis.; CP staff

The world’s leading supplier of lignin-based products to concrete admixture producers has announced a critical supply imbalance that will impact North American accounts. LignoTech USA expects the condition to continue for the remainder of 2015 and is responding with an allocation plan for lignin.

“Our goals are to ensure a reasonable level of supply to all customers, minimize supply interruptions, reduce lead times and restore supply/demand balance,” says LignoTech USA CEO Attilio Caruso. “To this end, we have accessed our overseas supply base and will have significant additional volume available to supplement our capacity for the North American construction market, plac[ing] us in a positive supply situation before the end of 2015.”

Lignin is a key raw material in conventional and mid-range water reducers, retarders, and other concrete admixtures. The supply imbalance stems from a shortage of seasoned pulp wood, coupled with unexpectedly high demand the first half of the year and a series of unexpected operational interruptions. A subsidiary of Norway’s Borregaard ASA, LignoTech plans to double domestic lignosulfonate processing capacity with a new Florida facility scheduled for 2017 opening.

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