McNeilus launches comprehensive inspection program for CNG-powered fleets

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Certified McNeilus technicians are equipped to assist compressed natural gas-powered vehicle owners in compliance with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration FMVSS 304. It requires on-board CNG fuel systems and cylinders to be visually inspected after a vehicle accident or fire, and for leaks, damage or deterioration at least every 36 months or 36,000 miles.

Through its extensive service center network, mobile service fleet and certified technician pool, McNeilus Truck & Manufacturing, Inc. is offering NFPA 52 and NHTSA FMVSS 304 compliance review, plus related inspection services for vehicle running on compressed natural gas.

“With the accelerating move to CNG-powered commercial fleets, the need to maintain safe operations and meet all NFPA 52 requirements is crucial,” says Oshkosh Commercial Business Segment President Brad Nelson. “McNeilus has sold thousands of compressed natural gas powered vehicles; we understand what it takes to keep them in compliance and running at peak performance.”

In addition to CNG inspection services, he adds, McNeilus is uniquely positioned to offer fleets additional support services. Through its nationwide network of branch locations and service centers, the company maintains a strategic inventory of commonly required replacement parts for a wide range of CNG configurations. Certified technicians are trained to conduct on-site problem solving and field repairs; perform high- and low-pressure filter maintenance; and, offer real-time national response plus education on industry standards and best practices.

48 Ngenii 400

The Ngen CNG Systems and Services program supports vehicle fleet safety and integrity. McNeilus has staffed and equipped service centers and mobile service fleets to perform inspections on all natural gas vehicle and fueling system types.

“A regular schedule of CNG system inspections at 36-month or 36,000-mile intervals is a federal requirement, and one that needs to be incorporated into a fleet’s preventative maintenance program,” Nelson affirms. “With McNeilus certified technicians, parts inventory and customer education opportunities, we are able to fill this need. By sharing best industry practices and ultimately increasing vehicle uptime and system integrity, McNeilus is a one-stop solution for CNG systems and support.” — McNeilus Ngen CNG Systems and Services, 844/264-7978;