Curing compound

EZ Strip Cure DR is a water-based, low-VOC, low-odor formulation that cures concrete to ASTM C309 and AASHTO M 148 standards. Unlike other dissipating cure products, product developers contend, it does not require UV exposure—making it suited to either indoor or outdoor use. It is easily removed with light mechanical or hand abrasion after curing is complete. Low pressure water spray can be used for removal in outdoor conditions.96 Chem 400

EZ Strip Cure DR application entails standard spraying equipment. The compound will not clog or load diamond polishing tools and, therefore, does not require removal from substrates that are to be diamond polished. It dissipates quickly for early removal with a low rpm floor buffer, walk behind or riding floor cleaner with stiff bristle pads, 100 grit sandpaper or 100 grit abrasive screen, or stiff bristle hand-held brushes. Ease of removal makes the compound a good candidate for surfaces scheduled to receive subsequent treatments with dustproofers, liquid hardeners and densifiers, penetrating water repellent, polymer coatings or other floor coverings. — ChemMasters, Inc., Madison, Ohio, 800/486-7866;