Meticulous sand & gravel stockpiles spell high performance concrete for California

Sources: Polaris Materials Corp., Vancouver, B.C.

Polaris Minerals has inaugurated its Port of Long Beach terminal, south of Los Angeles, unloading 77,000 tons of aggregate using a computerized conveying and stacking system designed to maintain fine and coarse grades’ integrity when stockpiled in large quantities. The materials were dispatched from the Orca Quarry, a Vancouver Island deposit Polaris is developing with an eye to construction prospects in the Los Angeles Basin, San Francisco Bay area and other port-served Pacific Coast markets.

“The large product inventory now available [at Long Beach] enables us to actively pursue supplying major projects and infrastructure where the high performance characteristics of concrete made with the Orca aggregate can add considerable value,” says Polaris CEO Herb Wilson. The company expects to maximize sales opportunities on the heels of promoting the aggregates’ exceptional quality to consulting engineers and specifiers, he adds.

Built on eight acres, the terminal is the Port of Long Beach’s first aggregate distribution tenant. It will be operated by Polaris’ U.S. subsidiary, Eagle Rock Aggregates, Inc.