Speed limit, safety functions underpin Hyundai Forklift instrument cluster

Available as standard equipment, a new 5.6-in. wide LCD monitor informs Hyundai Forklift 9 Series operators of changing conditions, including speed, travel direction and battery discharge. An industry-exclusive truck inclination warning system 42 Hyundaiii 400monitors and indicates forward/backward and right/left degree of the forklift, and sounds an alarm when the driver is outside the degree of ISO safe driving regulations.

The monitor-embedded instrument cluster system supports an optional integrated rear-view camera for increased visibility to personnel and obstacles behind the vehicle. It also includes speed limit and engine start limitation functions, plus direction change shock reduction and load indicator systems. A maximum speed can be entered through the display, which will indicate when the truck has reached the threshold. For added theft prevention, the password-activated engine start limitation prevents directional travel if an incorrect password is entered. The direction change shock reduction system allows the operator to shift transmission without braking. The load indicator system displays the weight being lifted based on hydraulic pressure and sounds an alarm when capacity limits have been reached.

42 Hyundaii 400Hyundai’s high-performance, fuel-efficient 9 Series models suit concrete products and heavy materials. The diesel line offers durability through a heavy-duty single-unit frame, performance cooling system and automatic transmission. — Hyundai Forklift, 877/509-2254; www.hceamericas.com