Concrete, masonry coatings

A recent addition to the manufacturer’s Concrete Restoration Systems, the Elastocolor family features ready-to-use, water-based, 100-percent acrylic coatings for above-grade exterior/interior concrete and masonry. Elastocolor has launched with four products:44 Mapei 400

  • Flex, an exterior, above-grade, vertical surface coating solution; exhibits high elastomeric properties, with elongation exceeding 800 percent in performance testing;
  • Coat has a high build during installation and is formulated to meet U.S. Department of Transportation elastomeric coating performance criteria; offers abrasion resistance for longevity in severe weather conditions; and, features a “dry to touch” time of three to five hours;
  • Paint is formulated at a lower “paint-like” viscosity, with high-hiding characteristic, and offered in a smooth (non-textured) appearance, and features enough “build” to achieve bridge cracking up to 1/32 inch; and,
  • Primer WB, a water-based acrylic that improves coatings’ adhesion on porous, dusting and new substrates; acts as an adhesion promoter on the substrate to enhance bonding, and is recommended for use on substrates exhibiting chalky, dusting surfaces after cleaning as well as for new or porous substrates and in hot, windy conditions.

Elastocolor Flex, Elastocolor Coat and Elastocolor Paint are available in 25 standard colors. Each can also be tinted to any custom color using the Mapei ColorMap system, a high-performance, spectrophotometer, auto-dispenser, shaker, and customized color-matching software system. — Mapei Americas, Deerfield Beach, Fla., 954/618-9555;