Big Apple ‘Dryline’ flood protection concept garners Holcim Award

48 Holcimi 150

A large-scale, integrated protection system addressing New York City’s vulnerability to coastal flooding won Bronze in the 2015 Global Holcim Awards. The “Dryline” project is the vision of a consortium headed by Bjarke Ingels Group or BIG (Copenhagen/New York) and One Architecture (Amsterdam) in collaboration with the city.

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Anchor stabilizes seismic activity-exposed masonry

45 Cintecia 150

A new type of dissipative wall anchor solves the issues of how to protect heritage buildings in some of the most earthquake-prone parts of the world. Cintec International’s dissipative anchor consists of a set of stainless steel plates to which four bolts apply pressure, creating friction to an adjustable degree. There are built-in stops to restrict the sliding motion, and connectors that link to Cintec’s standard anchor rods. The anchor allows a controlled and repairable drift for the walls, managing the amount of seismic energy fed into the structure and therefore minimizing damage to the building.

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Speed limit, safety functions underpin Hyundai Forklift instrument cluster

42 Hyundaiii 150

Available as standard equipment, a new 5.6-in. wide LCD monitor informs Hyundai Forklift 9 Series operators of changing conditions, including speed, travel direction and battery discharge. An industry-exclusive truck inclination warning system monitors and indicates forward/backward and right/left degree of the forklift, and sounds an alarm when the driver is outside the degree of ISO safe driving regulations.

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Martin Engineering winds new class of robust, precast form vibrators

40 Cougariii 150

Cougar Concrete Form Vibrators utilize Class H windings and a rigid alloy frame to withstand maximum force output levels for longer sustained periods. The units’ external bolt patterns are compatible with conventional form brackets, creating a secure fit that allows the concrete to settle quickly for even distribution without air pockets.

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Lachenmeier equips Ash Grove Packaging to ‘stretch’ throughput nearly 50 percent

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Overland Park, Kan.-based Ash Grove Cement Co. operates seven plants across the U.S.; with nearly 9 million tons of annual production capacity, they are among the industry’s most efficient and best maintained. From its early days of supplying cement in simple hand-sewn sacks, Ash Grove has grown into an organization offering a full array of products designed for commercial, residential and industrial use.

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