Lakelands Concrete shores up Lake Ontario breakwater in record Corps contract

Lakelands 150

Sources: Lakelands Concrete Products, Lima, N.Y.; CP staff

Western New York architectural and utility precast operator Lakelands Concrete has begun shipping 950 16-ton structures for the Corps of Engineers’ Oswego Harbor Detached Breakwater project along Lake Ontario’s southern shore. The individual structures are known as dolos, derived from South African and Latin terms meaning knuckle bone; through weight and geometry, dolosse (plural) quell shoreline erosion from waves and undercurrent.

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Gage Brothers marks 100 years in concrete with novel project timeline, industry feast

Sources: Gage Brothers Inc., Sioux Falls, S.D.; CP staff

Gage Brothers kicked off a summer-long centennial anniversary celebration on June 17 with a “Top 100 Jobs” countdown, presenting via social media channels significant projects over its 100 years in concrete, primarily architectural and structural precast. The top 10 projects will be revealed September 15-24, the latter date dovetailing the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute Foundation National BBQ competition and fundraiser.

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