WABCO – Optiride Lift Axle Control

Company’s newly branded, next generation electronically controlled air suspension (ECAS) technology augments fuel economy and increases vehicle efficiency through chassis suspension control. OptiRide maintains the trailer at a constant ride height. The Intelligent Lift Axle Control can automatically optimize trailer load transfer, including temporarily putting more weight on the drive axle, to improve traction performance. The system delivers enhanced load protection and stabilized vehicle operation, which also helps to increase vehicle and road safety.

An electronically controlled air suspension system for rear axles, lift axles, and full suspensions, OptiRide features frame-mounted ECU; quick traction help and anti-tilt functions; plus, optional axle load monitoring with automatic driver warning.

The technology maximizes 6×2 trucks’ traction performance, particularly on low-friction surfaces, while minimizing tire wear. WABCO engineers characterize their ECAS as a powerful enabler technology for fleets to transition from trucks with a heavy and expensive 6×4 axle configuration to a lighter 6×2 configuration while ensuring traction performance. A 6×4 features three axles, both rear axles powered. A 6×2 configuration also features three axles, but only one rear powered. By enabling the 6×2 option, the OptiRide ECAS helps reduce vehicle weight, improve fuel efficiency, and increase payload.

“Major truck builders in North America and their axle makers have successfully integrated electronically controlled air suspension technology in their 6×2 product offering,” affirms WABCO President, Americas Nik Varty. “The broad adoption of OptiRide technology is propelling a market trend that contributes significantly to improvements in fleet efficiency.” — www.wabco-auto.com