Galvanized pipe, safety-wise proximity switch signal Skako Atlantis evolution

44 Skakoiii 400Skako Concrete continues North American market integration of its Danish parent company’s seven-model Atlantis planetary mixer (AM) line. Premiering at last month’s Precast Show in Orlando, the 4-yd. 3750 joins five smaller models currently available—the AM 750 to 3000—to be followed by the 5-yd. 4500 later this year.

The AM 3750 exhibits Skako A/S engineers’ latest performance and safety upgrades to the Atlantis series: steel doors replacing plastic panels for mechanical system access; galvanized steel in lieu of PVC pipe for batch water; and, coded safety proximity sensor on the mixer discharge door. Two-part, coded magnetic sensors (shown in red)—one mounted on the mixer frame, a second on the access panel—prompt immediate power shutdown upon decoupling. The sensors eliminate the need for performing a trapped key lockdown at a typically confined location. Trapped-key locks remain on AM mixer service hatches.

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The AM 3750 is the largest Atlantis series model Skako Concrete Inc. has brought to the North American market. Discharge door safety sensors (left or right), galvanized water pipe (left or right) and steel access panel doors are among new Atlantis features for 2015—exhibited for the first time at The Precast Show.

The AM 3750 is equipped with the series’ large, hydraulically controlled—and downward opening—discharge gate to speed mix transfer to delivery vessels. Like smaller Atlantis models, it features a varied shovel design, counter-current movements and variable turning shovel speeds; they combine to foster shifting pressure conditions and vacuum effect, while eliminating dead zones. Vessel interiors are designed to ease maintenance and curtail batch-to-batch material trapping. Atlantis models bears on 20-in. legs, creating access to the wear plate studs, wiring and pipe space under the vessel. — Skako Concrete Inc., San Diego, 858/271-7341; 

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