Elematic looks beyond chains, hooks and climbs with E9 series lifting beam

Following early deliveries to precast producers in its home base and other European countries, Finland’s Elematic Oy Ab is expanding availability of the E9-16-5a lifting beam to the North American market via Elematic Inc.39 Elematiciii 400

The E9-16-5a raises precast/prestressed concrete fabrication and handling efficiency, Elematic engineers contend, and offers a safe alternative to chain devices. A radio remote control places, closes and opens its lifting hooks, eliminating the need for climbing when transferring products from forms or beds to storage.

Injuries associated with routine climbing were among factors prompting Elematic engineers to pursue the E9-16-5a lifting beam. “If someone has to climb on top of a precast wall panel in order to fasten the lifting hooks, there is always a risk of falling,” explains Product Manager, Walls Ismo Kallio. “Chain-free lifting with remote-controlled hooks improves on-site safety considerably.”

39 Elematicii 300A leading precast operator in Finland, Consolis Parma deployed an E9-16-5a in its Kangasala plant six months ago. “Thirty to 40 lifts are carried out daily, [each] a potential safety risk if workers have to climb on top of the elements. Automated lifting is bringing a significant improvement in our work safety,” affirms Factory Manager Tero Anttila. “Sixty percent of lifts can currently be carried out with an automatic lifting beam. Our goal is to reach 95 percent.”

In addition to the enhanced safety, E9-16-5a users report faster, more efficient lifting sequences in the absence of unnecessary work phases that accompany equipment with mechanical hook and chain assemblies. The lifting beam affords precise placement as hooks can be operated independently, even with attachment points that are not equally spaced. — Elematic Inc., Brookfield, Wis., 262/798-9777; www.elematic-inc.com; www.elematic.com39 Elematici 400