Lafarge, Solidia move to commercialize low carbon concrete binder, curing methods

Sources: Solidia Technologies, Piscataway, N.J.; CP staff

Paris-based Lafarge Group has reached a new milestone in its partnership with U.S. start-up Solidia Technologies, entering an agreement to commercialize technology allowing a significant reduction in the environmental footprint of precast concrete—through lower carbon dioxide emissions during cement production and CO2 gas utilization in product curing. The agreement affords Lafarge worldwide rights to the branded Solidia Cement and Concrete.

Commercial launch will begin in key North American and European markets through concrete masonry unit, paving stone, and roof tile producers. They will use a binder processed in a traditional rotary kiln from raw materials similar to those in conventional portland cement clinker, but at lower temperatures and through a different chemical reaction. In manufactured concrete production, Solidia Cement hardens through a patented CO2 addition and absorption process that reduces the overall carbon footprint by up to 70 percent compared to conventional methods. The curing process effects full Solidia Concrete strength development in less than 24 hours, versus the 28-day window typical of portland cement concrete.

Lafarge has collaborated with Solidia Technologies since 2013 to industrialize the cement and concrete production methods and demonstrate their commercial-scale feasibility. In April 2014, researchers validated the reduced carbon footprint and commercial viability of Solidia Cement during a full-scale trial at Lafarge North America’s Whitehall mill in Pennsylvania. Material from the trial has subsequently been used by precast and masonry producers in North America and Europe to further validate the companion Solidia Concrete curing method. Collaborative testing performed with many customers has demonstrated the concrete products’ superior quality and cost competitiveness, Solidia officials affirm.

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