Industry hosts lawmakers as Governor declares Concrete Day in Colorado

Source: American Concrete Pipe Association, Irving, Texas

“The State of Colorado recognizes the concrete industry as important to further development in our state and appreciates the hard work, dedication, and the efficiency of its employees,” proclaimed Governor John Hickenlooper April 24 as he designated that the date “forever after shall be known as Concrete Day in the state of Colorado.”

American Concrete Pavement Association-Colorado/Wyoming Chapter, Colorado Ready Mixed Concrete Association, Portland Cement Association – Rocky Mountain Region, and American Concrete Pipe Association representatives hosted a picnic lunch for Colorado legislators at the state capitol in Denver to mark the inaugural Concrete Day. The purpose of the event was to recognize the hard work of the Colorado Legislature and staffs, and to raise awareness of the importance of the concrete industry to the state of Colorado’s economic growth.

“[Concrete] businesses are vital to Colorado’s economy because they contribute to the success of so many different sectors including: transportation, water projects and infrastructure,” affirms Senator Nancy Todd (D-Aurora). “This industry also creates and supports thousands of jobs throughout the state and continues to play a significant role in all Colorado communities.”