Tracking device, automated production define next generation Cemen Tech volumetric

47 CTi 400A volumetric concrete equipment leader, Iowa-based Cemen Tech Inc. unveiled its C860 mixer at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas last month, spotlighting an electronic control panel and GPS tracking solution among key new features. The model offers customers “a design that will make the operation easier and allow their drivers to pour concrete in a more efficient way,” notes Director of Sales & Marketing Mark Rinehart.47 CTii 400

The C860’s electronic control panel enables those in the field to track the exact flow of admixtures and water electronically. All of the information required will be displayed on digital readouts and show the operator the exact number of yards during each pour. All of the technology used has been tested for 30-plus years in the automotive and construction industries.

“This is phase one in automating the volumetric mixer and transferring manual adjustments from the operator to the control,” says Cemen Tech Vice President of Engineering Tom Kjellberg. “Future programming will allow plant staff to access the panel, verify and set mixing parameters, and control production from the office.” The automation package will shorten fleet owners’ training cycles, he adds, as new volumetric mixer operators will require limited insight on mix adjustments and other manual production methods.

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Through the C860, Cemen Tech engineers are bringing established fleet management and concrete production technology to a volumetric mixer platform.

In tandem with the electronic control panel, the C860’s GPS tracking solution provides mixer location data, while alerting managers when and where a trucks stops, plus the number of times it runs each day. “We have listened to customers and are expanding our culture of innovation at Cemen Tech,” affirms Rinehart, and “are excited about the release of C860 and gaining feedback from customers.” — Cemen Tech, Indianola, Iowa, 800/247-2464;