Telescoping mixer truck chute reaches new safety, productivity levels

World of Concrete 2015 outdoor exhibits proved well worth negotiating for attendees eager to observe a different take on the U-shaped assembly through which 42 EZia 400hundreds of millions of cubic yards of ready mixed flow annually.

Developed in Sweden by equipment manufacturer Månsarp Svets & Maskin (MSM), the telescoping EZExtenz Concrete Chute made its North American debut in Las Vegas, mounted on a Mack Granite-bearing McNeilus 10.5-yd. mixer. The fully hydraulic, 30-ft. chute swings 180 deg. and suits standard rear discharge models. It can be moved vertically and horizontally at the same time via RF remote control, which operators also use to set or vary flow of concrete and drum speed.

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One of three EZEtenz-equipped miners reported for Gold Lot duty at World of Concrete 2015, demonstrating the 30-ft. telescoping chute’s speed and agility.

MSM’s Hildur Solvadottir, who is heading North American business development, cites productivity and safety benefits EZExtenz offers over conventional mixer truck chutes, chiefly: minimizing the need to move trucks to multiple site points; eliminating driver back and hand injuries; and, accelerated maneuvering to precise concrete discharge points. The chute requires normal rinsing after each load; form oil application two to five times per day; and, power washing after the last delivery of the day.

Fabricated of Hardox 450 steel, EZExtenz consists of four U-shaped sections, equivalent to 12-in. diameter, plus three hydraulic cylinders—one central, two flanking—along the outer wall. An abrasion-resistant steel milled by Sweden’s SSAB, Hardox has been a long-time option for certain U.S. concrete mixer drum brands, its performance characteristics enabling thinner sections than conventional AR steel.

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The four-section chute is part of a package that includes hydraulics, remote controls and pedestal-mounting hardware.

The 1,550-lb. EZExtenz package includes cylinders mounted compactly on the mixer pedestal, with the retracted chute swiveling into a travel position diagonally along the right side of the mixer drum. An alternative to truck-mounted conveyor belts and boom pumps, the telescoping chute technology has been tested in Sweden, Belgium, Ireland and other European markets through the ready mixed truck fleets of such major operators as Heidelberg Cement and Skanska. MSM has set up a chute installation and service center in Alabama, equipping thus far the McNeilus mixer at the World of Concrete booth, plus two Beck Industrial mixers used in the show’s live demonstrations. — EZExtenz, 205/764-1300; 800/764-1300;


Manual-to-Hydraulic Chute

44 SB EZT 400An EZExtenz telescoping chute companion, also introduced to the North American market last month, the patent-pending EZEturn converts a manual chute into a hydraulic model with a 180-deg. swivel range. Powered with existing hydraulic lines, it enables operators to stand clear of the chute, a safety element especially key on sites of uneven terrain. EZEturn is operated by a standard electronic control panel, and available with optional remote control. Components and instructions accompanying the kit allow for EZEturn installation in a few hours by in-house technicians using common hand tools.