Superior Industries’ washing fines recovery system was granted patent protection from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Manufactured into the 53 Superior 400
company’s Aggre-Dry Dewatering Washer, the technology reroutes minus 25-mm material fines from an onboard dewatering screen back to an integrated sand screw. Such fines are typically lost to waste ponds, but the recovery system processes them to saleable stockpiles.

The Aggre-Dry Dewatering Washer is a single machine integrating a fine material washer and a dewatering screen. Sand processed through the equipment is stockpiled with a moisture content of just 8 percent, meaning the saleable product requires no drying time and can be accessed immediately. Aggre-Dry models are available in single- or twin-screw configurations and 36- to 60-in. screw sizes. — Superior Industries, Inc., Morris, Minn.; 320/589-2406;