Scale service offerings

Available at three coverage levels, Guardian Series Support Agreements take what Fairbanks Scales officials describe as the guesswork out of weighing equipment maintenance costs. In contrast to open-ended service systems, where customers risk unanticipated repairs exceeding maintenance budgets, the company notes, the full-service Guardian program covers all inspections and repairs at a fixed price. As a result, maintenance costs are set and unknowns are removed from budgeting.

Fairbanks Guardian Series Support Agreements include Priority 1 emergency support, plus scheduled calibration and preventative maintenance visits. With Guardian Service Plans, other maintenance costs such as parts, labor, travel time, remote diagnostics and lubrication are included, depending on the plan chosen, and discounts are available for such items as afterhours service and product replacement. Guardian Series Support Agreements will ensure what company officials contend are scale accuracy, uptime and reliability and cost effectiveness. —