Returned-concrete treatment cleans drums, forms recycled aggregate

Short for “Returned Concrete, Zero Impact on the Environment,” Mapei’s Re-Con Zero kit effects a seven-minute agglomeration and 52 ReConi 400hardening process to convert mixer drums’ leftover concrete to semi-spherical aggregates—recyclable as they are for base or re-used as new concrete aggregate.

Re-Con Zero Component A is a porous, hydrophilic material introduced through water soluble bags at 0.5 kg (1.1 lb.) per cubic meter (1.3 yd.) of returned mix. The mineral works a four-minute agitation cycle, after which Component B, an accelerating agent, is dosed at 6 kg (13.2 lb.) per cubic meter. Also packaged in water soluble bags, the admixture fosters formation of cement paste-encased, pebble-like nodules in a three-minute cycle.

The returned concrete’s transformation from plastic to hardened state is evident in sound reverberating from the mixer drum wall. Typically sized in the ½-in. to 1-in. range, the product is discharged from the mixer and suited for use as recycled concrete aggregate—at 10-20 percent of coarse aggregate volume in select mixes—or stockpiled for base course use.

52 ReConii 225Re-Con Zero kits are presently packaged for international markets by Mapei SpA, shipping in boxes similar to synthetic fibers. The product debuted in North America at World of Concrete 2015, following commercialization in Europe and fall 2014 demonstrations by General Resource Technology. Milan-based Mapei acquired GRT in mid-2014, aiming to grow the regional admixture manufacturer and fiber company’s North American footprint through expanded distribution and product innovations. Re-Con Zero is the first Mapei SpA formulation established in overseas markets to enter the GRT channel. — General Resource Technology Inc., Eagan, Minn., 800/324-8154; www.grtinc.com52 ReConiii 400