Dust-suited radar measurement

The MP Series is a microwave, pulse radar used to determine bulk solid levels in silos or tanks. Deployed in some of the tallest silos, the MP70 model has a measuring distance up to 230 feet. Transmitting at a frequency of 26GHz with a narrow beam angle of 8 degrees, the MP Series radar is consistent and accurate in dusty environments—capable of ignoring loose particles in the air and focusing on actual material levels.

The non-contact device uses ‘time of flight’ to determine vessel powder level. The time it takes for an emitted microwave pulse to travel from the device to the material surface and back is measured, calculated into distance, then translated into a level measurement. Pulse radar is one of the latest technologies offered for sensing bulk material level, MP Series developers note. It is highly accurate in tough environments such as cement and fly-ash, they add, due to the presence of large amounts of dust that can be difficult for other technologies to penetrate and measure reliably. — Bindicator/Venture Measurement, www.bindicator.com