Con-Tech turns to optimized fin profile in High Performance Drum upgrade

Con-Tech Manufacturing returned to this year’s World of Concrete with additional refinements to its High Performance Drum, including EcoFin. Aimed at increased 51 ConTechiii 257service life, the design allows materials to flow through the fins and mix with the material being folded over the top of the fin. A fin lip doubler has been added and sports the same special abrasion resistant material from which the main fin is cut. The quantity of fins has been reduced from prior drum designs: One replaces four, equating to fewer overlaps, less mix build up area, and higher efficiency. In addition to EcoFin, the High Performance Drum will continue to include original features such as the ball buster paddles, extra capacity, self-cleaning fins, fabricated AR heads, solid roller tracks, low center of gravity, and high loading and discharge performance. — Con-Tech Manufacturing Inc., 507/374-2239;

51 ConTechi 300


51 ConTechii 300