‘Feral’ gateway structure nabs decorative concrete award

56 FFii 150

The Doral Park Pavilion by Douglas Wood Associates, Coral Gables, Fla., won the WOW! Award for best overall entry in this year’s Decorative Concrete Council competition, recognizing vertical and horizontal applications. Located on the outskirts of Miami, the structure was designed by internationally-renowned artist Michelle Oka Doner, who envisioned a “feral” gateway to the adjacent Everglades.

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MMFX2 rebranded ChrōmX 9000

To fit within its expanding high-strength steel product line, the company has changed the branding of its namesake product to ChrōmX 9100 (Grade 100) and 9120 (Grade 120) rebar, both sold under the ASTM A1035 specification. ChrōmX 9000 bar provides high strength with ductility, as well as high corrosion resistance—five times more than standard carbon steel—outperforming epoxy-coated and galvanized rebar for corrosion protection, product engineers contend. They attribute the high performance features to the steel’s chemistry and unique microstructure; absent damage-prone coatings, ChrōmX 9100 and 9120 can be handled and fabricated just like conventional rebar.

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Scale service offerings

Available at three coverage levels, Guardian Series Support Agreements take what Fairbanks Scales officials describe as the guesswork out of weighing equipment maintenance costs. In contrast to open-ended service systems, where customers risk unanticipated repairs exceeding maintenance budgets, the company notes, the full-service Guardian program covers all inspections and repairs at a fixed price. As a result, maintenance costs are set and unknowns are removed from budgeting.

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Mobile-optimized trailers site

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Company has programmed user-friendly navigation and mobile device-ready formatting in the relaunched www.EastMfg.com. The new website provides quick and intuitive access to essential information on drop deck, dump, flatbed and refuse trailers. Each section presents detailed information including standard and optional features, by trailer type, for fleets and owner operators with demanding application needs.

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53 Superior 150

Superior Industries’ washing fines recovery system was granted patent protection from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Manufactured into the company’s Aggre-Dry Dewatering Washer, the technology reroutes minus 25-mm material fines from an onboard dewatering screen back to an integrated sand screw. Such fines are typically lost to waste ponds, but the recovery system processes them to saleable stockpiles.

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Hot epoxy pump

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The D3522 Attachment is reportedly the only hot epoxy pump on the market that can be powered by an existing hydraulic power source. Product engineers describe it as lighter, more versatile and affordable than hot epoxy pumps and mixer/pump combinations with built-in power supplies, especially since skid steers and other equipment with auxiliary hydraulic hookups can power the unit.

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Dust-suited radar measurement

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The MP Series is a microwave, pulse radar used to determine bulk solid levels in silos or tanks. Deployed in some of the tallest silos, the MP70 model has a measuring distance up to 230 feet. Transmitting at a frequency of 26GHz with a narrow beam angle of 8 degrees, the MP Series radar is consistent and accurate in dusty environments—capable of ignoring loose particles in the air and focusing on actual material levels.

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53 CellIII 150

U.K. load monitoring technology specialist Straightpoint has engaged North American prospects as part of five-year growth strategy to expand its business this side of the Atlantic by 20 to 30 percent annually. The Straightpoint Inc. subsidiary has showcased force measurement, load monitoring and suspended weighing load cells at a series of trade shows and industry networking events, where participants especially noted the new version of the Radiolink Plus wireless tension load cell.

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