Penn professor pursues BIM for Masonry research on project workflow

Building Information Modeling for Masonry Initiative (BIM-M) members have tasked University of Pennsylvania’s Dr. Franca Trubiano with reporting on brick and block construction workflows, spotlighting especially Huntsman Hall, a signature masonry building on her school’s Philadelphia campus.24-NS-HuntsmanHall-400

She will work in tandem with Georgia Institute of Technology peers, who hold a separate contract as part of the BIM-M Benchmark and Specification phases. Under National Concrete Masonry Association and allied group sponsorship, the Initiative launched in 2013 aiming to unify “masonry and supporting industries through development and implementation of BIM software to facilitate smoother workflows and collaboration across all disciplines from owner, architect, engineer, manufacturer, mason, contractor, construction manager, and maintenance professionals.”

BIM-M work spans phases from March 2013–June 2017: I) Planning; II) Development, with Benchmark, Unit and Wall Model Definition, plus Contractor Input sections; III) Specification, with Specification Part 1, Structural Engineering and Construction Workflow sections; and, IV) Implementation, with Specification Part 2, Design to Construction, Architectural Design and Contractor Training sections.

24-NS-BIM-400Joining NCMA in the Charles Pankow Foundation-assisted initiative are Masonry Contractors Association of America, International Masonry Institute, International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers. Additional information can be obtained from BIM-M Program Coordinator David Biggs, P.E., S.E., [email protected], or through

Shortly after the latest contract awarding, Initiative stakeholders scheduled the BIM-M 2015 Symposium, April 9-10 in St. Louis. The event will bring together architects, engineers, mason contractors, masonry manufacturers and suppliers, industry leaders, along with software developers and vendors. Attendees will learn about the latest BIM-M ideas and projects, plus development of masonry practices with BIM.More details can be obtained from David Biggs or the Masonry Institute of St. Louis’ Margie Southerland, 314/645-5888.