Arched profile increases steel fibers’ load-carrying capacity 20 percent

Sources: KoSteel, Seoul; CP staff

At its first World of Concrete, steel wire rod mild producer KoSteel showed a new take on concrete reinforcement: Bundrex steel fibers, .75-mm (1/32-in.) diameter inSteelfiber-234 50- or 55-mm sizes (2- or 2.16-in.) with 67-mm (2.66-in.) and 73-mm (2.87-in.) aspect ratios, fabricated in a patent-pending arch design. The company credits the configuration with increasing fibers’ load-carrying capacity in concrete structures up to 20 percent over conventional end hook steel products.

Designated KF 73/55 CA and KF 67/50 CA, the arch fibers join KoSteel’s line of Bundrex end hook steel fibers, .50- to .90-mm diameter (1/64- to 1/32-in.) in six sizes, 30- to 60-mm (1-3/16- to 1-11/32-in.); and, Bundrex Synthetic Macro or Micro Reinforcing Fiber, both 100 percent polypropylene. KoSteel is represented in the Americas by Columbia-based Fibroconcrete SAS; contact, Jorge Torres Diaz, [email protected]