Mobile applications bolster customer service

In line with a commitment to offer tools specifically designed for the construction materials industry, Command Alkon is actively developing mobile applications to extend the traditional client-server experience into the hands of producers and their customers. One of their first programs, MOBILEcommerce, broadens the reach of dispatch system functionality and helps users process and track concrete order and delivery information from their mobile devices.


Producers benefit from increased opportunity to engage their customer base while general contractors have the ability to research projects and monitor orders through the program.INNOV-CommandII-300

Depending on the scope of information producers choose to offer, MOBILEcommerce can allow contractors to easily view truck locations, products ordered and pour progress, or send new order requests. This level of transparency increases efficiency and accuracy for producers and contractors.

As Command Alkon continues to release other apps supporting various aspects of the construction materials supply chain, producers, haulers, buyers, and contractors stand to reap the benefits from mobile technology that is designed specifically for their needs. —