Hirschmann antennas optimize Road King telematics GPS connection

To improve delivery efficiencies and monitor integrity of ready mixed concrete loads, Montreal-based fleet management and automation specialist Road King Technologies has integrated Hirschmann Solutions antennas in its truck-tracking programs. “As we continue to find ways to provide more data collection benefits to our concrete transport customers, we’re creating strategic partnerships with innovators like Hirschmann, who can help advance our technology,” says Road King President Harry Marks.INNOV-HIRSCHMANN-400

Using Hirschmann roof antennas, the company is able to maintain the optimal cellular and GPS signal connection for its concrete delivery truck solution. The technology requires constant connectivity to upload in 30-second intervals mixer operating data, including water usage and other quantity control parameters. The information is processed by the Road King server and sent to clients in a graphic format showcasing the delivery status of every truck. As a result, customers can review the processed information to improve and adjust their transport systems, boost driver reliability across their organizations, and increase overall efficiencies.

“The complexities of delivering ready mixed concrete makes it vital that cargo data collection is constant and reliable,” notes Hirschmann USA President Frank Homann. “With [our] antenna, we’re working with Road King to ensure their data collection solution can optimally operate in any condition, including areas where cellular connectivity can be a major issue.”

Mixer trucks work in some of the most extreme cellular environments, he adds, among them downtown areas where tall buildings can create urban canyons that block or interfere with cellular transmissions and GPS signals. In some cases, deliveries are made in new developments, where cellular towers are not yet installed and service, if any, can be intermittent.

Hirschmann antenna-enabled data collection technology is certified by the PTCRB (PCS Type Certification Review Board), an organization setup by network operators to test GSM (global system for mobile communications) phones, modules and M2M (machine-to-machine) devices. PTCRB certification is a requirement for launching cellular devices on North American GSM carriers. — Road King Technologies, 888/760-0147, www.roadkingtech.com; Hirschman Solutions, Auburn Hills, Mich., www.hirschmann-car.com, www.hirschmann-solutions.com


INNOV-MRP-400A division of Road King Technologies, RKT Truck Rental Exchange caters to ready mixed producers who regularly engage in short-term mixer rentals with peer operators, plus companies seeking to rent out trucks that will otherwise be idle for planned periods. Ready mixed producers can register to participate in RKT Truck Rental at www.truckrentalexchange.com or rkt-truckx.com. Road King Technologies launched the exchange as free service to ready mixed producers, in tandem with its GPS-enabled fleet-tracking equipment. The site is programmed for quick posting of trucks for rent, or submitting requests for lists of available mixers by market or region.