Con-E-Co unveils self-contained, self-erecting portable model

The 2015 World of Concrete marks the debut of the Con-E-Co Lo-Pro 327S mobile batch plant, achieving what company engineers note is a new level of performance. A compact, self-erecting and self-contained model, it features an in-truss dust control system, weighed water batcher, and the Lo-Pro’s blending cement batcher and live-bottom aggregate batcher.INNOV-CONECO-400

“The Lo-Pro 327S is the newest addition to [our] ever expanding line of mobile batch plants; it’s all about faster setup and maximum productivity,” says Con-E-Co General Manager Neil Smith. “The built-in hydraulic system self erects, while the low overall height means the 327S can be set on steel mats. Those are huge benefits for concrete producers who need to minimize start-up time and setup costs.”

As the company developed the new model, he adds, “We gathered a great deal of feedback from customers across the country. The end result is a new level of performance in a mobile, self-erecting, and self-contained batch plant.”

In addition to eliminating the need and associated costs of a crane for setup, the Lo-Pro 327S features a frame-mounted, truck mixer dust control system and a weighed water batcher that travel in place, thereby eliminating additional freight costs. The plant’s 13-ft., 2-in. height from grade to the truck mixer-charging hood eliminates the need to excavate for truck clearance.