Charah contracts extend C618-Grade ash options for midwest producers

Coal combustion products (CCP) management specialist Charah Inc. has entered into or renewed agreements involving three Louisville Gas & Electric Co. and Kentucky Utilities Co. facilities: Mill Creek Generating Station in Jefferson County, Trimble County Generating Station, and Ghent Generating Station near Carrollton, Ky. The Louisville-based operator expects to market the stations’ fly ash to ready mixed producers throughout the Midwest, providing them multiple supply options of high quality, ASTM C618 Class F product.


Charah underscores the dual benefit of marketing concrete-grade ash, as it reduces carbon dioxide emissions attributable to the partial replacement of portland cement, and landfill-bound material volume. “We believe our innovative solutions will continue to pay dividends for our utility partners and their consumers, and are proud to have been LG&E and KU’s partner since 1998,” says CEO Charles Price. “We will be able to ensure a steady and reliable supply of ash for the ready mixed concrete producers during a time of substantial change in the utility and fly ash industry.”